Our company encourages Thierry d’Allard and Philippe Gach in their adventure ⛵️


The challenge of a life for the benefit of a beautiful cause!

The Cap Martinique is a sailing race in one stage, from La Trinité sur Mer (Morbihan) to Fort de France (Martinique).
The launch will take place on May 1, 2022 with more than 50 sailboats on the starting line.
The crossing will be done in solo or duo with an average of 22 days of race.
Real challenge for our sailing lovers, this race is also the opportunity to defend a cause linked to the societal development, dear to our skippers.

Philippe Gach and Thierry d’Allard will set sail with a Pogo 30 (Cavok ?) and are committed to the association Fegaye on the Cap Martinique!

Passion in the service of education! 

By setting  sail with their sailboat Cavok ?, our two skippers Thierry d’Allard and Philippe Gach decided to support Fegaye association.
This last one commits itself in order to support the schooling of the young people and more particularly the girls.
Fegaye : ” what embellishes you ” in moundang language is a project founded by Gnadang Ousmane.

The goal is the construction of a school complex (about 20 buildings, i.e. 15 classrooms) in the village of Guindi in Chad to improve the living and learning conditions of the children.

This beautiful association fights against the inequalities and encourages the schooling of all.
Do not hesitate to make a donation: here